Ways To Help Keep Your Senior Cat Mentally Alert

Regular and adequate physical activity and mental stimulation from a very young age is very important. Like dogs and humans, cats undergo mental deterioration as an age-related problem. Engaging in activities regularly can help keep your pet healthy and mentally alert way into their twilight years.  In fact, it has been known to help delay the onset or even prevent Feline Cognitive Dysfunction (FCD) or kitty Alzheimer.

Activities that stimulate the brain, like training routines, keep cats on their toes. The promise of their favorite treats will keep them working hard at any task they have been presented. Make sure that these activities are positive experiences for your pet so he will look forward to them.

You don’t have to buy expensive cat toys and puzzles to get your cat moving. You can recycle empty boxes, balls of twine, paper bags, and other items that are safe for cats to play with. You can hide treats and let your kitty hunt them down.

Your kitty will also benefit from regular wellness visits at your North Phoenix, AZ animal hospital. Click the link to know more: http://bellanimalhospital.com/


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