Involving your dog in more of your life

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Your dog spends a lot of time with you, and you love the fact that you get to see him each and every day. However, you also feel that there are a lot of portions of your time that aren’t spent with him. How can you involve him more?

There will always be some things you can’t involve your pet in, but there are many that you can. Simply think about what you are doing, and assess the activity for potential safety hazards. If you are headed out of the house, keep in mind the rules of the area you are going and only bring your dog if it is okay to. For activities at home that your pet can’t take part in, like cooking dinner for example, make a point to talk to him throughout the process so he can still feel close to you while you are getting things done. For more information, please contact your local Fort Collins, CO vet.


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