Cats and the Human Food They Shouldn’t Eat

Image result for Cats and the Human Food They Shouldn't Eat

Your cat is what he eats. It’s so important to feed him wisely. That means a healthy diet of cat food and not too many cat treats. That means not feeding your cat the wrong human food either.

There are actually quite a few foods that are poisonous to cats. Chocolate is probably the most well-known, but felines also have trouble with onions, grapes, raisins, green tomatoes, and avocado. Some cats even have trouble digesting milk, which comes as a surprise to many pet owners.

Fortunately, it’s fairly uncommon for cats to be poisoned by human food. That’s because most cats are picky eaters! They’re strict carnivores. If they come across a little chocolate or a bit of onion, they’re likely to turn their nose up at it.

However, if you fear that your cat ate something he shouldn’t have, you should schedule an appointment with your vet Cameron Park, CA.


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