Care Tips For Pet Chinchillas

Grooming is a part of a chinchilla’s daily routine. They are quite fussy when it comes to keeping themselves clean. Their dense fur coat will need regular grooming to keep them clean and free from fleas, lice, mites, and other external parasites. Chins have distinct odors that can be reduced and even eliminated with regular cleaning of their enclosure and placing it in a part of the house with proper ventilation. Many pet owners prefer them over other rodents because their smell is not so strong and they have longer life spans.

Chinchillas are easily affected by specific stressors in their environment. If they are nervous or angry, they often emit distinct chirps to vocalize their emotions. They also have short attention spans.

Chins won’t make ideal pets for kids because they are small and fragile. When held too tight, they will bite.

Chin are very low-maintenance pets but they are extremely vulnerable to hot weather or high humidity.

Certain health issues can affect chinchillas, thus they will also benefit from regular visits to a best vet clinic North Phoenix, AZ.


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