What Size Greenie Treats for Pomeranians

Greenie treats are a great way to get your dog to brush his teeth without actually brushing. How does that happen? Greenies are a dental chew treat designed for dogs of all sizes and ages. As your pup chews on them they release ingredients that help your pup’s breath stay fresh and also work to breakdown plaque and tartar on the teeth. Greenies come in regular, teenie, and petite. There may also be in between sizes carried at various stores. The packaging gives a suggested weight for each treat size so you can determine which is right for your dog. However, you may find going down a size to be more beneficial for your pup. For instance, a Pomeranian weighing at 18 pounds qualifies for a petite, but the teenie is actually easier for him to chew and easier to digest. For more details, ask your vet services Marriottsville, MD.


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