Hepatic Lipidosis (Fatty Liver) in Monk Parrots

Fatty liver or Hepatic Lipidosis, as it may also be referred to, is a common illness found in a variety of birds including parrots. If you own a parrot like the Monk Parrot then you may want to talk with your vet ahead of time to learn about simple illnesses and diseases that can frequently occur in your bird’s species. Understanding the illnesses that are common can often help prevent them. For instance, fatty liver disease in birds can often occur as a result of a poor diet or poor exercise in birds. Keeping your Monk Parrot on a vet recommended diet and providing your bird with appropriate exercise can lower his chances of developing fatty liver disease. Symptoms of the illness usually include sudden loss of appetite, lethargy, and depression. Notify your veterinary clinic Marriottsville, MD right away if your bird has any of these symptoms. Click this Homepage to learn more.


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