Free Roaming for your Quaker Parrot

Did you know that parrots like the Quaker parrot enjoy roaming outside of their cage several times a day? Parrots need a lot of mental and physical stimulation to keep them healthy, happy, and to prevent them from developing bad habits such as screeching or pulling out their feathers. Giving your Quaker parrot free time outside of his cage is a great way for him to release stored up energy. Be sure to supervise your parrot while he’s outside of his cage. If he shows any sign of aggression put him back in his cage. If he’s being good, slowly give him a little more space to roam. You should even play games while he’s outside of cage. You can play a game of chase, teach him to climb a rope, or even teach him to fetch his toys. For more suggestions, talk with your veterinarian Ellicott, MD. Or visit this website Marriottsville Animal Hospital.


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