Do I Need to Groom my Rabbit?

If you own a pet rabbit then you may be curious to learn that grooming your rabbit regularly is part of the overall health and wellness upkeep for your rabbit. Whether it’s a long or short hair rabbit, the more you keep your rabbit groomed the less likely your rabbit is to develop skin irritations and matted fur. For long hair rabbits, you should brush them at least every three days to keep the coat clean and to avoid matting. During shedding season you should plan to brush your rabbit daily to help get rid of the extra fur. You may even find that the longer haired rabbits will need to be brushed twice a day. If you’re looking for a brush or comb, check out your local pet store. Make sure to pick a brush or comb that is designed for a rabbit’s fur. For more information, talk with your veterinarian care Ellicott, MD.


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