Does your dog have bad breath ?

Does your dog have bad breath

Your dog spends a lot of time with you, so it is very noticeable when her breath isn’t as good as it could be. What could be causing this unsavory odor?

Your pet’s breath is often a reflection of what he is putting into his body. Consider any food or treats you are offering, as well as areas he could be getting food from without your knowledge. Solving the problem may be as simple as switching up the things he is munching on. These items can cause bad breath, but they aren’t the only possible cause. Poor oral hygiene and teeth in less than stellar condition can also produce an odor. If you are unsure of what is causing the scent, bring your pet in to see a professional for an evaluation.  Your local Indianapolis, IN veterinarian can offer additional suggestions. Visit their website for more information and advice.


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