Choosing a Groomer for your Pomeranian

Choosing a Groomer for your PomeranianIf you own a Pomeranian then you may find yourself looking for a groomer in the near future. Pomeranians can be super fluffy pups with a lot of hair that requires quite a bit of attention. Pomeranians have two coats. They have an under coat and a top coat. This is how these little guys can keep warm in the winter and extra cool in the summer. The two coats can make brushing and grooming difficult on your own. Matting is most common when Pomeranians aren’t brushed on a regular basis. When looking for a groomer, call around and ask for groomers with experience cutting Pomeranians. Visit the groomer ahead of time and ask for a walk through to ensure the facility is clean and safe. If possible, request a consultation ahead of time and even pictures of previously cut Pomeranians. You may also call your vet Oshawa, ON for recommendations.



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