My Orange Tabby Drinks from the Toilet

Image result for My Orange Tabby Drinks from Toilet

Did you know that some cats drink from the toilet? That’s not the greatest habit for cats. If your Orange Tabby is drinking from the toilet you may be a little surprised and even alarmed. Not to worry. It’s actually common for cats to drink out of toilets. What you should be concerned about is what is in the toilet. If the toilet is used regularly and flushed regularly then the water in the bowl is pretty fresh and drinkable. However, if the toilet isn’t used then the water could be stagnant and hold harmful bacteria. Also, if you leave toilet bowl cleaners in the bowl or the tank to self clean the toilet then the water is definitely harmful to your cat because of the cleaning chemicals. In this case, keep the door closed to the bathroom or the lid down on the toilet. If you have more questions, talk with your vet Newmarket, ON.


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