Adopting an Older Gerbil

Adopting an Older Gerbil

When most people are on the hunt for a new pet, they want a little baby. Young animals are certainly cute, but older animals deserve your attention too. This is definitely true when it comes to gerbils.

Most small pocket pets only live to be a few years old. Gerbils, on the other hand, can live to be up to four years old! However, because people think they don’t live that long, they’re likely to pass over a gerbil at the animal shelter.

If you adopt an older gerbil, you may not know exactly how old he is, but there’s a good chance that you’ll get at least a few more years out of him. Not to mention, by adopting an animal, you could be saving his life!

For help finding adoptable gerbils in your area, ask your vets Livonia, MI to tell you where to look. You can also visit website to know more.


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