Why Give a Dog a Dry Bath ?

Why Give a Dog a Dry Bath

If you don’t want your house to smell like a wet dog, it’s important that you bathe your pet. It’s important for his health too! Bathing him regularly can enhance his skin and fur. But, that doesn’t mean you should bathe your dog all the time.

Giving your dog a bath too often can actually end up drying out his skin. Even moisturizing shampoos can strip the skin of its natural oil, which causes your dog’s skin to go into overdrive. The more baths you give your pooch, the oilier his skin will become.

So, what do you do if your pet’s fur is greasy, but you can’t give him a bath? A dry bath is the perfect solution! It can soak up any excess oils and make it easier to brush out dirt without using water.

Your professional Livonia MI vet can provide you with a dry shampoo recommendation.


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