Small Dogs Who Jump off the Bed

Image result for Small Dogs

Many people allow their small dogs to sleep in their beds with them. Others allow their dogs on the bed for naps or just to hang out. You want to trust that your little dog will just stay put but inevitably, he will jump off the bed. A jump from that height puts your dog at risk for a number of injuries. Foot injuries, leg sprains or breaks plus injuries to the shoulder and elbow are possible. Your dog could also injure his back. Back injuries often accumulate over time. One jump may not cause immediate damage but repeated jumps can cause a progressive injury.Then one day your dog is hurt and in pain. Train your dog to use ramps or stairs to get up and down from a bed or other furniture. Supervise your dog whenever he is on the bed.Anticipate and prevent leapswhenever they may occur. Learn more from your Flint, MI veterinary clinic.


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