Music Therapy for Cats

Cats with specific behavior problems can benefit from listening to music. In fact, many animal behaviorists use music as a tool in cat training programs and in correcting certain types of behavior problems. Listening to music has been shown to have an impact on the cat’s temperament and disposition.

Different types of music have specific effects on cats. Songs with fast beats are energizing, while slower tempos can be soothing. It has been observed that cats can become more alert and energized when they listen to fast music or when there are birds chirping in the background. Nature sounds such as running water or rain can also soothe a cat’s frayed nerves. Cats with noise phobias can benefit from listening to pleasant music during fireworks or thunderstorms. Music masks the noise and soothes the cat’s anxiety.

Talk to your Frisco, TX veterinarian if you have any questions and/or concerns about your pet’s health and behavior. Click this website to learn more.


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