Harmful Effects Of Fleas And Ticks On Pet Cats

Some cats that are harboring fleas don’t appear to be extremely affected by these parasites, but cats that are hypersensitive to flea bites, specifically flea saliva, can develop an allergy reaction with severe itching as the main symptom. Without proper intervention, persistent scratching can eventually cause formation of small crusty sores and hair loss all over the body.

Fleas, like ticks, derive nourishment by sucking on the blood of their host; heavy infestation can cause the loss of considerable amounts of blood and affected cats can become anemic. Very young kittens are particularly susceptible to anemia caused by fleas, which can be fatal without prompt veterinary attention.

Fleas can also transmit tapeworms; these intestinal parasites don’t really cause serious illness but they compete with their host for nutrients that are available in the digestive system of cats.

Don’t hesitate to call your veterinarian Plano, TX if you notice fleas or your cat seem to be scratching much more than he usually does.


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