Cats Benefit From Regular Grooming Help

Although cats make grooming an everyday habit, they will still need regular grooming help from their owners. Here are important reasons why you should take an active role in your pet’s daily grooming:

  • Brushing your pet’s hair coat can boost the blood circulation and stimulate muscle tone development.

  • Brushing can stimulate the oil glands found at the base of the tail to secrete oil which helps maintain the waterproof property of the cat’s hair coat.

  • Removing old and loose hairs prevents them from being swallowed by your kitty or from falling to the floor. Ingested hairs increase your cat’s risk to forming hairballs in the stomach.

  • A hair coat that is well-groomed can help protect the cat from the elements.

Shorthaired cats can do well with a weekly brushing using a soft-bristle comb or brush. On the other hand, cats with long hair coats need to be brushed daily using a steel comb.

Visit your Frisco, TX animal hospital to know more about your pet cat’s grooming needs. Or click this site:


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