My Teddy Guinea Pig Occasionally Sneezes

Image result for My Teddy Guinea Pig Occasionally Sneezes

It’s quite common for animals of all breeds to sneeze or cough on occasion. Irritants and allergens in the air such as pollen and dust can often irritate the nasal passages or throats and airways of animals causing the sneeze or cough. If your Teddy guinea pig is sneezing every now and then it’s probably because of something in the environment. If the sneezing is persistent notify your vet. Guinea pigs can be susceptible to pneumonia which can come on quickly. It’s best to have your vet examine your cavy just to be sure there’s nothing wrong with him. If your Teddy checks out at the vet then you may want to look at his environment. For instance, try changing out his bedding for a dust free alternative. Keep his cage out of breezy or drafty areas. Check to ensure his hay is fresh and free of dust. For more tips, consult with your vet Los Gatos, CA.


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