Cat Chew Toys

Cat Chew ToysYour dog can’t live without chew toys. Not without destroying your home, anyway. What about cats? Do they like chew toys too?

Some cats like to chew, and some cats don’t. First, it depends on the age of your feline friend. If you have a young kitten who’s teething, he could definitely use a few chew toys! Head to your local pet store and look for plastic toys and fabric toys with lots of texture.

Some older cats like to chew too! Observe the things your feline friend likes to chew on. In many cases, it’s ribbon and string. Look for a ribbon wand at the toy store. Your pet will love playing with it, catching the strings, and chewing on them!

Looking for more chew toy ideas that your cat will like? Click here, or contact your vet Cy-Fair.


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