Schiff-Sherrington Syndrome and Orange Tabby Cats

Image result for Schiff-Sherrington Syndrome and Orange Tabby Cats

A variety of joint and mobility related illnesses can develop in cats like the Orange Tabby as they age. These illnesses and conditions can also develop due to obesity, trauma, or as a result of another illness. Conditions that affect mobility include Degenerative Joint Disease (DJD), Schiff-Sherrington syndrome, and arthritis. Schiff-Sherrington syndrome is primarily a spine related condition that occurs when the there is an injury or lesion to the spinal cord around the lower back. This can cause immobility, extreme posture shifts in the upper limbs and eve paralysis or loss of feeling and mobility to the hind limbs. It can be very painful if not treated by a veterinarian. If your cat has mobility issues, have her examined by your vet to determine the cause. Not all mobility issues are related to Schiff-Sherrington syndrome. For further information, consult with your vet Isle of Palms, SC.


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