Kitten Proofing Your Stairs

Kitten Proofing Your Stairs

Cats are agile creatures. They can perch on nearly anything! However, kittens haven’t quite grown into their cat-like reflexes. That’s why you might have to consider kitten-proofing your stairs.

Kittens can be a bit clumsy. They can easily trip and fall over their own feet, and if they do it at the top of the stairs, they could go tumbling down. The chances of an accident are even higher if your kitten regularly plays with other animals in the house. An easy solution is to use a baby gate when your kitten is upstairs.

Are you worried that your kitten could fall between the rails of the bannister? This can be a huge problem if you have hard flooring. Using mesh fabric or smooth plastic panels can keep your cat from falling between the slats.

Your veterinarian Upper Arlington, OH can provide you with more kitten-proofing tips. Visit this website to know more.


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