Getting Rid of Odors in Your Bunny’s Cage

Getting Rid of Odors in Your Bunny's Cage

Is your bunny’s cage a bit smelly? Regular cleaning can help, so make sure you change the bedding and wipe down the cage at least once a week. Unfortunately, it may not do the trick. Your pet’s cage may need a deeper clean.

Waste can build up in the cage quite easily, especially if your bunny has a plastic cage. Plastic is porous, so it’s easy for waste to soak into the cracks, which will make the cage smell even if it has just been cleaned.

Put your bunny in a safe place and give the cage a good scrub down. Use a scrubbing brush and a rabbit-safe cleaner. Make sure you clean the bars of the cage. Spraying the cage with a hose can be very helpful too.

For help getting your bunny’s cage spotless, visit with your veterinarian Upper Arlington OH, the North Kenny Veterinary Hospital.


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