Does It Hurt for Cats to Get a Shot?


Children dread going to the doctor because it could mean that they have to get shots. Even some adults dread shots! Cats can’t dread the experience because they don’t know it’s coming, but is it painful for them?

It’s painful for some cats and not for others. In many cases, it’s being held firmly that scares a cat, not the shot itself! The quicker the shot can be administered, the more likely it is that your cat won’t even notice.

Human shots can sometimes hurt afterwards, and the same can be true of feline shots. It isn’t uncommon for there to be a little soreness at the injection site.

If your cat seems to be overreacting to you touching the area, there could be a larger problem. If your cat is in more pain than he should be, you should schedule an appointment with your vet Greensboro, NC.



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