Degenerative Joint Disease in Californian Rabbits

Did you know that Californian rabbits and other types of bunnies can develop arthritis and similar joint related illnesses as they age? Rabbits may develop Osteoarthritis or Degenerative Joint Disease (DJD) as they grow older and their bones and joints begin to wear down. This is a chronic disease that causes cartilage to deteriorate around the joints. DJD is long term and should not be confused with arthritis. Arthritis occurs when the joints are inflamed, but DJD is more serious as it’s a deterioration of the joints. Most often, DJD occurs with age, but other conditions could cause a wear on the joints creating the first signs of DJD. One of the main causes is obesity so it’s important to keep your Californian at an ideal weight. Feeding him a vet approved diet and keeping him on an exercise regimen can help. Call your vet Conyers, GA to learn more.


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