Living with a Grey Tabby Cat with FeLV

Living with a Grey Tabby Cat with FeLV

Do you own a Grey Tabby that has been diagnosed with the Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV)? Although there is no cure for FeLV, treatment can be given to help manage symptoms as well as prevent secondary infections. You can also take an active role in your cat’s health by keeping him indoors and away from other cats and animals that may expose your cat to harmful viruses and secondary illnesses. FeLV can be spread through saliva, feces, and blood. If you have other cat sin the home, make sure you keep them separated from one another. Feed your cats out of separate food bowls and provide separate water bowls. Make sure your FeLV cat has his own litter box and does not have access to the other cats’ litter boxes. Your experienced vets Colorado Springs, CO can assure you that FeLV is not contagious to dogs or humans.


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