Is Rawhide Dangerous for My Toy Poodle ?

Is Rawhide Dangerous for My Toy Poodle

Rawhide is one of the most popular forms of treats for dogs of all ages and sizes, however, it may not be appropriate or even safe for all animals. If you own a small breed dog like the Toy Poodle, ask your vet about rawhide before giving your pup a treat with rawhide in it. Most dogs (big and small) do well with chewing rawhide and don’t show any signs of trouble or indigestion, however, some can’t chew it into small enough pieces for digestion. Instead, they chew for a short time and then swallow. The rawhide is not digestible for all dogs and it can get caught in the stomach. Some dogs are able to swallow and digest, but it makes them extremely thirsty. If you’re not sure about giving your Toy Poodle rawhide, just give your vet Colorado Springs, CO a call and discuss treats that may be suitable for your poodle instead. To know more, visit website


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