Heartworm Disease in American Longhair Cats

American Longhair Cats

Heartworms in felines like the American Longhair can be very serious and she not be taken lightly. If you’re adopting a cat or already own a cat, please check with your vet to make sure the cat has been tested for heartworms. Unlike with dogs, heartworms in cats are hard to treat and medication may not be as effective. You can help keep your cat healthy by placing him on a monthly heartworm preventative pill prescribed by a vet. Heartworms can cause serious and even fatal health conditions. The worms actually invade the heart, lungs and blood vessels of a cat and can even cause respiratory diseases such as HARD (heartworm associated respiratory disease). Talk with your vet clinic Colorado Springs CO to learn ways to keep your cat safe from heartworms. For instance, keep your cat indoors and avoid places that are prone to mosquitoes as these insects are the major carrier for heartworms.


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