Why You Should Pay Attention to your Pug’s Poop

Did you know it’s important to keep an eye on your Pug’s poop? Your dog’s poop can tell you a lot about your pup’s health. It’s good to know what normal poop looks like that way if your pup poops something questionable then you’ll know right away and call the vet. For instance, if you notice your pup is straining to poop or her poop appears to be hard then she may be constipated. Or, if you see that your dog’s poop is very dark and may be bloody then he could have a serious medical illness that requires a vet’s attention right away. In other situations, you may simply notice that your Pug is pooping out something he ate earlier in the day. For example, if he accidentally eats a small toy, just keep an eye on his poop and make sure it eventually comes out. Always call your best veterinarians Bolingbrook, IL for assistance.


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