Ways to Keep Pet Cat Happy


Cats spend hours playing around and exploring every nook and cranny they can get into. They are naturally curious and will continue to find ways to feed their instincts. In fact, they are always on the lookout for physical and mental stimulation. Even adult cats won’t be happy if they don’t have anything to do except spend their days lazing around.

Without better things to do, a cat can become bored causing them to look for ways to vent out excess energy. More often than not, this can eventually pave the way for a cat to engage in undesirable behavior like excessive meowing, destructive behavior, and inappropriate elimination to name a few.  Regular interaction and engaging in brain-stimulating activities even while your kitty is still very young have been shown to prevent or delay the manifestation of signs of cognitive dysfunction or mental decline.

Don’t hesitate to call your Pickerington, OH veterinarian if you notice a change in your pet’s health or behavior.


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