Nail Polish for Toy Poodles

Do you like to pamper your toy poodle? Does this involve a bath, grooming and perhaps nail painting? There’s nothing wrong with painting your pup’s nails, but if you do, please be cautious as to what nail polish you use. Read the labels carefully as some toxin free polishes actually contain harmful chemicals. If you’re going to paint your own nails, make sure your pet is in another room. Do not touch your pet until your nails are dry and you have washed them in warm water. If you paint your dog’s nails, use dog safe nail polish and remover. You also want to make sure your pet’s nails, paws, and pads are free from cuts or other injuries. Always avoid products containing Dibutyl phthalate (DBP), Toluene, and Formaldehyde. If you let your groomer paint your pup’s nails, make sure he uses safe polish too. Talk with your veterinary clinic Naperville, IL to learn more. Click this website Animal Health Care PC Naperville for details.


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