Is Your Puppy Well-Behaved?

well behaved dog

Puppies need to undergo basic obedience training so they will become well-behaved members of the household. Pet owners should be ready to commit time and effort for their pet’s training; this is one of the top to-dos of the long list of responsibilities that pet owners should be ready to tackle when bringing home a new pet.

The need to establish meal schedules

Dogs thrive on routine. Meals should be given at specific hours during the day, only after you have eaten first. This is important so your dog will recognize you as the alpha leader, the most dominant member of the pack. In the wild, it is always the dominant dog that eats first before the rest of the pack.

Dogs are used to establishing social hierarchies in the wild. It’s important for your pet to know his place in the social structure of the household. It’s of optimum importance for your dog to recognize you as the alpha leader and give you due respect. Avoid spoiling your dog and giving in to his demands. Being consistent with your dog’s training will go a long way in having a well-behaved and well-disciplined pet.

There are various resources where you can learn more about your dog’s behavior and a regular visit to vet clinic Sayville, NY can be a good start.


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