Can Yellow Labs Live without a Tongue?

OK, as scary as it may sound, there are times when accidents, disease, or injury can happen and greatly affect the use of a dog’s tongue. Some rescues, for instance, have seen abuse in dogs like the Yellow Lab and other breeds that has resulted in a permanent tongue injury or the inability to use the tongue. Illnesses or injuries can affect the tongue too. If you notice your lab having trouble lapping up water or eating his food, call your vet and set up an exam. There may be something wrong with the tongue. In addition, did you know that dogs need their tongues to help regulate body temperature? If something happens to the tongue, it may be difficult for the dog to survive. Meals can be given through a feeding tube and water through a syringe, but regulating body temperature could be difficult. To learn more about this condition, contact your veterinary clinic Bolingbrook, IL.


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