Dog Slobber

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Dogs slobber– on your hands, clothes, furniture . . . everywhere.It’s just part of owning a dog. Saliva is helps your dog break down food the food he eats so it’s ready to digest. Certain dog breeds are more prone to drooling. These breeds usually have loose upper lips and jowls so it’s more difficult to keep him from slobbering. Keep a small towel at hand to wipe up any messes and occasionally wipe off your dog’s mouth. However, watch for excessive drooling for your breed of dog or if your dog doesn’t normally drool much and has started suddenly. There may be a problem with your dog’s mouth or some kind of dental issue. Regular tooth cleaning can help prevent dental disease but your dog will still need regular professional cleanings. Examine your dog’s mouth for signs of gingivitis, tumors or ulcerations. Learn more from your Happy Valley, OR veterinary clinic.


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