Do Heartworms Affect Sable Ferrets?

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Heartworms are often talked about in relation to dogs and cats, but they can also occur in ferrets including the Sable ferret. Being at risk for heartworms means your Sable ferret should be tested yearly for heartworms and on a preventative medication as well. Talk with your vet to find out if your Sable ferret has been tested in the past. If not, you will need to have him tested now before starting a preventative. Heartworms affect ferrets in a similar way in which they affect cats and dogs. However, because of the ferret’s size, one heartworm in a ferret can do as much damage as multiple heartworms in a dog. These worms invade the heart, lungs, and blood vessels of ferrets. The best form of prevention is to have your ferret on a monthly heartworm pill. Talk with your vet Marion, IA to learn how you can have your ferret checked for heartworms.


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