Can Doberman Pinschers Get Gingivitis?

Can Doberman Pinschers Get GingivitisDoes your Doberman Pinscher have bad breath? Have you checked his teeth and noticed a yellowish buildup on his teeth? That yellow buildup is most likely tartar and if it’s caked on his teeth then chances are it’s also the source of his bad breath. All of this combined with a few other factors such as the presence of decay can indicate gum disease and specifically gingivitis. If you thought people were the only ones to get gingivitis, think again. Pets like the Doberman need to have their teeth routinely brushed and cared for just like people. Anytime tartar gets out of control and builds up on your pup’s teeth it leaves a wide open door for dental problems and gum disease. Your Claws N Paws Animal Hospital can help your Doberman fight this by cleaning your pup’s teeth and removing any decayed teeth. It will be up to you to watch for future signs of dental trouble.


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