My Shar Pei has something in Her Eye

Does your Shar Pei appear to have something in her eye? Is her eye weepy, watery, irritated, or open only partially? These can all be signs of a scratch, minor irritation, or a dust or dirt particle stuck in your pup’s eye. In order to check the eye yourself use your thumb to lift the upper eyelid while checking underneath for debris. Do the same with the lower eyelid by using the other hand. If you see something that does not appear to be sticking in or poking at the eye, try flushing it with vet approved rinse and use a damp cotton swab to ease the debris out. If this isn’t successful, call your vet for additional advice or to schedule an in office exam. Your vet services Carmel, IN may apply an eye stain to check for scratches or other injury to your pup’s eye.


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