Methods of Cleaning Your Dog’s Teeth

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Brushing your dog’s teeth is the best way to prevent dental disease. However, there are other methods you can use to augment brushing.You can attain thorough cleaning for hesitant dogs with these methods too. Teeth cleaning treats help keep your dog’s teeth clean and stimulate gums. Ensure that your countthe calories from treats in the total amount your feed your dog daily to help avoid obesity. Chew toys work well to erode food debris and plaque. Wash your dog’s toys often to avoid introducing bacteria into his mouth. Tarter control water supplements can give your dog minty-fresh breath while reducing plaque. Most dogs enjoy the flavor of these water supplements so this is an easy method of dental cleaning. Look through the dental cleaning sections of pet stores and online sites where you can find a number of dog-safe dental cleaning pads, gels and sprays. Learn more from your San Leandro, CA veterinary clinic.


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