How to Clean the Ears of your American Shorthair

Part of the grooming process for American Shorthair cats and other felines (especially those with longhair) is to keep a regular check on their ears. Keeping the ears clean and free of hair over growth can help keep your cat happy and comfortable. If you’re not sure how to clean your cat’s ears, ask your vet to show you the steps ahead of time. The process is simple and involves placing a little liquid vet approved ear cleaner onto a cotton ball or piece of gauze. Mineral oil or hydrogen peroxide can be used as well. To start, fold your American Shorthair’s ear back and wipe away any debris or wax on the inside of the outer ear. Don’t rub the area. Do not stick anything inside the ear canal. Call your veterinarian Hamilton County, IN if you notice a discharge, odor, redness, swelling, bleeding, sensitivity, frequent head shaking or disorientation in your cat. More details here:


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