Can You Train a Cat to Go Potty Outside?

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Once you’ve got your dog potty trained, it’s so convenient. You never have to worry about accidents in the house! Can you train cats to go potty outside too?

You won’t be able to train your cat the same way you train your dog. Most cats don’t really like to be on a leash, so you won’t ever be able to walk your cat outside to go potty. In addition, cats can be pretty impatient. If your feline friend has to go potty in the middle of the night, he’ll just go!

If you want to reduce litter box usage, allowing your cat to go outside can really help. Many cats prefer going potty outside! Just make sure you leave a litter box in the house just in case your cat gets trapped inside during the day.

To learn more, click here, or visit your vet McHenry, IL.


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