Are Cat Entrances Safe?

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Letting a cat outside may sound like a good idea. That is, until your cat wants to come in. Then go out again. Then come in again! A cat entrance sounds like it might be a good option, but is it safe?

It all depends on what kind of cat entrance you install, and where you install it. Choose a cat door that can only be opened with a special collar or attachment. Plain flap entrances can be dangerous because it’s easy for burglars to gain entry to your home. Not to mention, other critters could decide to invite themselves in as well!

Be thoughtful about where you install the door. No matter what kind of flap you use, don’t install it on the front door. Install it on a back door. It’s even better if your yard is fenced in.

Your vet North Las Vegas, NV can help you choose the right cat entrance.


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