Why You Might Need to House Your Hamsters in Separate Cages

peggy 0001Hamsters make great pets. They are especially good for young children. Some families bring one home and love having a hammy around so much that they want to bring another one home. However, you have to be warned that your hamsters will likely need to be housed in separate cages.

Some breeds are more accepting of living with others, and some are not. For example, if you have a Syrian hamster, he can’t live with any other animals. They will have to be separated.

Other varieties of hamsters can learn to get along, but introductions can be slow. Even if they learn to get along, they may end up being stressed, which isn’t good for their health.

If you really want to house your pets together, ask your veterinarian North Phoenix, AZ if it’s possible. If it is, they can provide you with tips for making the process go more smoothly.


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