Why You Don’t Have to Clip Your Cat’s Nails

12588679 - cat getting a nail trim

Many people have their cat’s nails clipped. You definitely can! It can dull the claws and make them less likely to do serious damage if you ever get scratched. But, that doesn’t mean you have to clip your cat’s claws.

Unlike dog claws that grow and grow and grow, cat claws don’t just get longer. Instead, a new claw develops underneath the old claw. As soon as the new claw gets big enough, the old claw will fall off. That’s why cat’s like to sharpen their claws. They’re trying to break that outer claw loose!

You will never have to worry about your cat’s claws becoming overgrown. Just make sure that you provide your feline friend with a scratching post so he can take care of his nails on his own!

If your cat is having trouble taking care of his own claws, schedule an appointment with your local animal hospital Mattoon IL.


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