What to Do If Your Cat Comes Across a Poisonous Animal

What to Do If Your Cat Comes Across a Poisonous AnimalThe outdoors may be an exciting place for your cat, but it’s dangerous as well. There are many poisonous critters that can make your pet very sick.

If you witness the interaction, things are a little easier. You can call your vet and tell them what animal your cat came in contact with and they can tell you the best way to proceed.

Your cat may come face to face with a poisonous animal when you aren’t around. That’s why it’s so important to keep an eye on your cat’s behavior all the time. If he seems more tired than usual, if he gets sick, or if an area of his body starts swelling, you should schedule an appointment with your veterinary clinic North Phoenix, AZ right away. They can help you determine if your cat was bitten or stung, and they can provide your pet with the right medicine.


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