Tips For Teaching Your Dog To Enjoy Bath Time

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If your pet dog seems to hate bath times, you can teach him to enjoy them by introducing brief 3-5 minute bathing sessions. Start by getting your pet used to being in an empty tub. It’s a good idea to have him on a leash so you can manage him easily. Some dogs can get nervous when there is running water, especially when it has high pressure. Protect your pet from slipping by placing a rubber mat on the tub’s floor. If he seems anxious, let another person hold the leash while you give your pet a favorite treat as you gently brush his hair. Don’t stop doing it until he remains calm and at ease.

You can now start pouring water into the tub but make sure to do it slowly. Pour some warm water on your pet’s feet. If he doesn’t show any adverse reaction, gradually increase the amount of time that he stays in the tub and the amount of water that is poured until he can be given a full bath without meeting any hassles.

Know more about your dog’s needs by visiting your Ashburn, VA veterinarian.


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