Moving With Pets – What To Do Before The Move

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Did you know that cats and dogs, for the most part, differ in their reactions or response to moving to a new place or home? Generally, dogs tend to be more accepting of the new surroundings, while cats tend to more focused on everything that’s happening and can get stressed.

Cats thrive with routine, and any disruption may trigger distinct changes in behavior that is fueled by stress. A usually independent cat may engage in attention-seeking behaviors and will become extra clingy and affectionate. The stress of the move may also make affectionate cats become withdrawn and reclusive.

While the stress of moving cannot be fully eliminated, careful planning and preparation well ahead of time can lessen last minutes problems and hassles. Pet cats and dogs should get used to being inside a crate while traveling. If your pet is not crate-trained, start leaving the crate out and make it more appealing by placing some of your pet’s favorite toys, blanket, and treats inside. It’s also important for pets to get used to riding in a car.

Your Springdale ON, veterinarian can give you more helpful tips on keeping your pet safe and happy on your next road trip.


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