Exercising a Lazy Cat

Exercising a Lazy Cat

Some cats are so lazy! Many people dream of having a lazy cat because it means they don’t need to exercise. Or do they?

Even lazy cats need exercise! It’s just more difficult to convince them to get up and going. The trick is finding a toy that your feline friend likes.

Don’t be afraid to try all different kinds of toys. Try pompom balls, wand toys, and furry mice. You can even try balling up pieces of paper, hair ties, or milk bottle caps.

If you find that no toy seems to interest your furry friend enough to get him off the couch, it’s time to pull out the catnip. Soak his toys in catnip overnight and see if they suddenly pique his interest.

If you’re still having trouble exercising your cat, schedule an appointment with your recommended pet clinic Mattoon IL for more playtime tips.


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