Difference Between Duck Eggs and Chicken Eggs

Difference Between Duck Eggs and Chicken Eggs

There’s nothing like fresh chicken eggs. That’s why so many people keep these animals in their yards! However, they aren’t the only animal that can provide you with eggs. Ducks lay eggs too!

Did you know that duck eggs have twice the nutritional value of chicken eggs? That means you get more bang for your culinary buck. They stay fresher for longer too because their shells are harder than chicken eggs.

If you love baking with eggs, duck eggs are where it’s at. They have more albumen, which will make your cakes and pastries fluffier and richer. Duck eggs can even be good for cancer patients. They are an alkaline producing food. Cancer cells aren’t able to thrive in an alkaline environment. In contrast, chicken eggs are acidic.

Want to add ducks to your family? Ask your experienced vets Mattoon, IL, for places where you can find your new feathered friends.

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