Can You Take Your Rabbit to a Groomer?

Can You Take Your Rabbit to a Groomer

Letting the groomer bathe your dog or brush your cat can make life easier for you. What about rabbits? Can they go to the groomer too?

The answer depends on the particular groomer that you choose. It isn’t very common for groomers to get rabbits so not all establishments will accept them. Ask before you schedule your first appointment.

If you’re having a hard time finding a groomer, you may want to ask your vet instead. They may not be willing to do all the work for you, but they can show you the proper way to brush your furry friend. They may also be able to help you trim away painful mats. Not to mention, they can trim your pet’s nails!

If you want help grooming your pet, it really is best to give your veterinarian Scottsdale, AZ a call. If they can’t help you, they know who can!


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