Why Cats Cry At Night

Cats that love vocalizing at night can keep their humans, and even their neighbors, up all night. There are many possible reasons to explain this undesirable behavior.

Kittens love engaging in nocturnal play fights and the noise they’re creating can prevent their owners from having a good night’s sleep.  As kittens mature and become adults, their hunting instincts become stronger and they tend to prowl and hunt at night. In the wild, cats usually sleep during the day and hunt at night.  And domestication hasn’t erased this instinct to go on a midnight foray. But not all cats that hunt at night are very vocal, but those that do can certainly create a ruckus.

Senior cats that cry at night may be suffering from an underlying age-related health issue/s. Or they may vocalize their confusion as a result of changes in their sleep-wake cycles. Nocturnal meowing is also common in cats that are suffering from dementia.

A senior cat that engages in frequent nocturnal vocalizations should be checked out at your vet services Moore, OK.


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