Why A Dog Keeps On Sniffing One Person But Ignores Another

Some dogs appear to be indifferent towards the person who wants to pet him but is interested in sniffing out a random stranger? There are several theories forwarded by animal behaviorists to explain the behavior. Here’s one popular explanation:

Dogs have a keen sense of smell and they use their nose to know more about a certain person. Just as people are drawn to certain persons, some people appear more fascinating to a dog, scent-wise, than others are. Sniffing a person can reveal significant information about that person such as if he has pets, what he ate for lunch, or if he had passed by the dog park.

What may appeal to your dog may not appear interesting to another dog. The smell of a cat or dog on a person’s shoes or clothes may get your pet’s attention. It could also be that the person may smell like his favorite treat, that’s why your dog is interested in him. Your vet services Moore, OK can help you understand peculiar behaviors exhibited by your pet.


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